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X Tips on Writing that All-Important A-Grade Essay
X Essay-Writing, Grammar and Style, and Citations
X EasyBib: Create MLA Bibliography Entries Online
X PowerPoint XP Tutorial


X NWACC Pauline Whitaker Library
X World News Search Engine (News from Around the World)
This search engine will bring up articles on your subject from news sources around the world. 

X (News Sources from Around the World)
You can access links to newspapers from various locations around the world.
X The New York Times (United States)
X ABC News (United States)
X (United States)
X British Broadcasting Company News (United Kingdom)
X Cable News Network (United States)
X C|Net News (United States)
X Discovery Channel News (United States)
X Fox News (United States)
X Google News (United States)
X News and Newspapers Online (Links to Newspapers Around the World)
X (World News from the United Kingdom )
X Reuters (United States)
X Time Magazine (United States)
X U.S. News & World Report (United States)
X The Washington Post (United States)
X White House News (United States Government)
X World News Network (News from Around the World)