World Civilizations I



X Syllabus - Spring 2011

X Skills Analysis Worksheet

X Personal Course Objectives
X Textbook Evaluation

X Transformational Learning Experiences
X Ways of Thinking

X History as an Academic Discipline

X Guidelines for Source Analysis

X Why Study History?

X PPT: The Historians' Toolbox

X PPT: A Crossroads in History









Agricultural Revolution

X Paleolithic and Neolithic Societies

X Video: The Dawn of History

X PPT: Major Transformations in Human Society

X Video: Agriculture, Pastoralism, & Complexity

X Human Evolution



X Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt

X PPT: Ancient Chinese Civilization

X PPT: Comparison of Ancient Civilizations

X Pax Romana

X PPT: Ancient Religious Traditions

X Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

X Aristotle’s Ethics

X Video: Buddhism (28 min)

X Video: Christianity (28 min)

X How Did the Ancient World Measure Up?

X The Maya


X Video: The Silk Roads (28 min)

X Video: The Indian Ocean World (28 min)

X Video: The Gold Roads (28 min)

X Painful Memories: Footbinding Survivors

X Video: Lotus Foot

X Video: Confucian Views of Family/Household

X Video: Confucian Korea (28 min)

X The Fall of Rome

X PPT: The Byzantine Empire

X PPT: Charlemagne

X PPT: The Middle Ages

X PPT: The Crusades

X PPT: Islamic Civilization

X Video: A Child’s Kingdom

X Crusades and Jihads

X Video: Islam

X Video: Early Islamic Family and Household

X The Mongols in World History

X The Mongol Empire

X What Do Historians Say About Columbus?

X The Columbian Exchange